You are invited to our 🎉 🧘🏽‍♀️🥳 🎈 #YogaProgressParty 🎈🥳🧘🏽‍♀️🎉

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate progression in our practise. It’s not about perfection but a chance for us to evaluate how we’ve evolved. Acknowledge physical and  esoteric changes. 

Just check out these ladies and the progression made in YOGA. Ensure to check them out in Instagram and follow the progress and celebrate with them. If you are new to Yoga or challenging yourself than don't miss out on the Yoga Progress party.

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By @yogainthecity_  'It might not look much but my heart and my shoulders are so open now compared to two years ago , i remember when i first attempted this pose - looked so tricky and hard but I love it now, I love backbend and the feeling it gives me'

By @inspiremyyoga  'Hoping to inspire and motivate those of you who feel this pose is a million miles away. If I can get there and i'm not naturally flexible , having survived stage 4 cancer , had major abdominal surgeries and frozen shoulders than so can you'

By @_sil_06 'Four years ago it was a dream to do this wonderful pose. I had a stiff back and shoulders and could't lift my head. My yoga wheel helped me a lot, also a rubber mat. I had lots of lower back problems after my pregnancies , I often couldn't walk .Now I have improved my muscle system. 

By @syoghina 'Challenge announcement , calling all yogis, Here is the line up 

Day 1 Progress in a Forward bend 

Day 2 Progress in a Backbend

Day 3 Progress in an Arm balance

Day 4 Progress in an Inversion

Day 5 Progress in Splits 

Day 6 Progress in a hip opener 

Day 7 Progress of Shoulder flexibility 


Lets get challenged and make progress every day of our days on this Earth , Yoga has many health and mental health benefits such as muscle strength and Tone. Maintaining a balanced metabolism with Cardio and circulatory health. 

Not forgetting it reduces stress , increases your energy , helps better sleep and encourages being happier mentally. 

Written for all Yogis 




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